You’re Different…and that’s OK!”

meltheofficegamergirl February 7, 2013 0



In the world we live in, and particularly in regards to pop culture (that’s why you’re on THIS website, right?), everyone has opinions. They’re entitled to them. Does that mean that you’ve got to listen to or give in to what others have to say? Does this mean that you need to let them effect how you feel about yourself or the subject matter in general? No. Absolutely not. Does this sort of thing effect you? Possibly. It effects everyone on different levels, but let’s take a look at what we’re really dealing with here.

You have your own opinions on music, games, movies, etc. But you also have your beliefs and opinions on deeper topics as well such as religion, politics, and relationships. Sometimes, especially in the society that we live in today, we feel pressured to feel a certain way if we don’t, then we are told to feel a certain way as well. If you have an opinion on something that doesn’t adhere to the standards set by the majority, typically the feeling is a negative one. Sometimes it’s guilt, or shame. Sometimes, however, you might feel so strongly about something that you feel good going against the grain. That is good and well, but let’s focus on the negative emotions since that’s something that we can improve upon and that can improve our quality of living.

Why do you feel bad about something? Why do you feel resentment? Did someone else make you feel that way? No. You made yourself feel that way. And I’m positive that upon reading that sentence your ego’s defense mechanism just kicked in and you probably thought something along the lines of “But NO! They did this, or that, that affected me…” Yes, people say and do things, but who is the one feeling the emotions? Who is the one letting something petty as words, spoken words which are all that they are, implied or otherwise get the best of you? It’s you. It’s the perception of the situation and how you chose to handle said situation in your mind. YOUR mind. Stop for a moment. Breathe. You’re okay. No one is harming you. You are the only one that can harm yourself on a mental level.

Say you are feeling guilty because you might have said the wrong thing to someone, or did the wrong thing to someone. Of course, you might have tried to make things better by talking it out or fixing the situation. But if whatever you did hurt them on an emotional level, it’s now their responsibility to be conscious of their own emotions and how they choose to cope with the situation at hand. That is their mind and their responsibility. How can you feel guilty for something that the other person has control over?

And what’s more, why should you feel bad about something that happened in the past? Do you believe yourself to be a good person now? If so, why might the events of the past matter now? I’ll give you a hint; they don’t. All that exists is the now. You are here, right now, and you have it within yourself to use your own intelligence and reasoning to deal with situations. It’s good to take lessons learned from the past as to not repeat mistakes, but there’s no need in holding on to emotions that only hold you back from your full potential as a decent human being.

You’re not bad if you’ve been bad and made up for it or learned something and grew from the experience, you’re human. That’s all that any of us, being able to communicate in this way, are capable of. If you have differing opinions about popular beliefs, don’t feel bad about it, you’re making you feel bad about it. Feel confident in your own wisdom to make the best decisions for yourself, despite what everyone else says. It’s your life. You may think that you’re different because of it, but you know what? You’re okay.

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