The Nerd Father: Year One

Dustimus_Prime February 2, 2013 2


Hello All!

It’s been a long time since I’ve brought this particular blog into light. Evie is now a little over 14 months old and is an amazingly strong, adorable and funny little child. 12 months went by quick. She has gone from a mere 5 pound “Squeaker” to my now full blown Bubby. In this transition there have been a lot of life and schedule changes. Jen now works days, which means on Thursday and Friday every week it is now my responsibility to get Evie up and ready to go to “Mee-Maw’s” (Grandma) house.

That’s just the schedule though. Things she has picked up in the last months are talking in her own toddler gibberish which I find hilarious. As of just after Christmas, she started walking and can now get up to some hilarious speeds. Here’s a video of me following her around Fred Meyer:

We’ve become pretty good pals. One of the funny things she does. Is when I give her Eskimo Kisses (Nose to nose rub) she’ll open her mouth and eat my nose. now that she has teeth, it doesn’t exactly feel pleasant. LOL She is now learning to climb onto stuff. Boxes, the ottoman, her table shaped toys. The other thing we’re doing is getting a little braver in the play. Recently I decided to toss onto the bed as demonstrated in the video below.

With the good comes the bad of course. Evie has been sick a couple time in the last few months. The first time was the dreaded Norovirus. This little bug, if you haven’t heard is 36 hour demon from hell. Jen’s family and my family both ended up with it. Now the poor has just recently caught a fever and isn’t feeling too. She started dry heaving in the middle of the morning out of nowhere and it really just took a toll on her little body.

All in all, she is a healthy, bright little girl who despite her tiny stature has a big smile and big heart. I can’t wait to see what the toddler months bring. I want to see that beautiful little personality of hers shine. Here’s to the next 10 months. ^_^


  1. scott bordas February 5, 2013 at 1:41 am - Reply

    I honestly love when ever you post something about the wee one. its just great how openly your show affection for you in all aspects of life, I am certain she’s gonna grow up to be one heck of a girl. Keep it up bud and all the best

    • Dustimus_Prime February 5, 2013 at 3:41 am - Reply

      Thanks Scotty! I love my kid. She’s adorkable! LOL May the nerd traits flow strong in her.

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