1Up Movie Review – The Fat Boy Chronicles

Dustimus_Prime February 28, 2013 0


ATTENTION: The following may contain Spoilers.

“The Fat Boy Chronicles” is a story of Jimmy Winterpock and his friends. Right off the bat, the story is very stereotypical. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mostly due to the fact that they are just trying to relate to the audience. Jimmy is overweight, shy, clumsy, but is every bit as courteous, nice and great kid that any parent could ask for. He is constantly the focal point of being picked on by the jocks and popular kids.

Jimmy faces all sorts of things. For example, his best friend Paul is a side story that has problems all its own. Paul is the victim of a drunken, abusive father. The actions of his father have caused him to lash out and act in ways that teens and kids should never be put into; parental abuse, abuse of drugs and alcohol, sneaking out to parties in the middle night, all the way to having to (SPOILER) see his father die due to excess substance abuse. This causes him to run away without telling anyone and he’s only in high school.

Another side story is Jimmy’s love interest, Sable. Sable sees more in Jimmy than he sees in himself. Sable is the quintessential “goth girl”. Dark clothes, dark lipstick, pale skin, unhealthily skinny. You don’t dig into Sable’s family life too much, but you can tell things aren’t how she wants them. The world as it is doesn’t appeal to here and in order to “feel” she secretly cuts herself. She’s intelligent and caring, and only wishes for Jimmy to see more in himself.

The one thing that plays a constant role in the movie and keeps the dialogue rolling is the idea of a journal that Jimmy’s class writes in EVERY day. I felt they could have done more with this idea, and used it to develop the story a bit more, but rather they simply used it as a tool to progress the story quickly, almost like a montage. Jimmy uses it to talk about his life, what he deals with, his progress toward weight loss and the lessons he learns.

As stated before, Jocks picking on the “lesser” more unpopular people plays a big role in this movie as well. Jimmy faces 2 bullies regularly in this movie; Robb, the football captain and quarterback and Nate, the kid who antagonizes people weaker than he is to feel better about himself. Robb and Jimmy are forced into a situation where Jimmy is to tutor Robb in Math. Over time they develop a mutual respect for each other. That respect develops so much in fact that (SPOILERS) Robb gets accepted to the college of choice with a full ride football scholarship from the help of Jimmy as his tutor. At one point Robb stands up for Jimmy as he catches Nate picking on Jimmy in the locker room (Pictured in the title card).

Through all of this, Jimmy manages to come through. Jimmy was lucky in the fact however that he had super supportive parents. His dad talked with him and went on runs with him, mom supported his new found eating habits and started helping by cooking healthier meals. Not every teen has that opportunity. I certainly didn’t.

If I were to come up with a final summary for this movie, again, it’s stereotypical, it is the same story that’s been told before in several movies, the only difference here is that it super focuses on the situations, maybe even inflates them a little. On the good side, the moral and ideas it expresses are positive and let you know that if you have a troubled childhood, you’re not the only one and that there are supportive ways of living the life you want. You just need to find a way to do it for yourself.. The ideas and values and the situations portrayed are delivered in a package that can be easily digested, however I would not go out of my way to say that this is an original idea. It’s a very straight forward movie about bullying. No real twists or turns about it. If you decide to watch this movie, it’s available on Netflix Out of 10, I would rate the overall movie a 6.

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