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Kind of like a BLT … except, not.

The name is kind of silly, but it basically stands for “Z’s Mozerella and Tomato” … which really doesn’t describe it that well, but it’s our nickname for it. When we stayed with our friend “Z” (you may remember her as Little Miss Gamer), who is a vegetarian, she served a great little lunch that was an open-faced bagel stacked with soft mozzarella slices, tomato slices, and fresh basil leaves.

We’ve since come up with our own variation, which we’ve nicknamed “ZMT”. Now, I know I said in the recipe for Chicken-Salad-Stuffed-Cucumber that I’m all for avoiding bread … well, that is true, but I also think it’s okay to splurge every once in awhile. I haven’t gone totally Paleo yet … besides, I have the feeling that this particular recipe just wouldn’t be quite the same as a lettuce wrap instead of a sandwich.

Anyway, on to the recipe …


What you’ll need is toasted bread, tomato, one of those big balls of soft mozerella, and some fresh basil leaves (and mayo, if you’re someone who likes it). You may notice that I have my tomato and mozzarella pre-sliced and in bags–that’s how often we eat this.


Now, if you can’t find fresh basil or don’t want to deal with trying to keep the damn stuff from turning into brown mush long enough to actually use it (this is a work-in-progress for me–once I come up with a fool-proof method, I’ll definitely share it) … you CAN replace it  with some lettuce and season your tomato slice(s) with dried basil. It’s still good that way, but just not the same, in my opinion.


Start with the basil leaves. How much is up to you–I basically put down only one layer for Lee because he thinks it’s too intense otherwise. I really like the taste, so I throw on a couple extra leaves on mine. Also, I like mayo, plus it makes it more reminiscent of a BLT, so I spread some on each slice for mine first–Lee hates it, so I left it off of his.


Next is the mozzarella. I swear, I TRY to slice it thinly, but it is a pain to slice, so it always ends up fairly thick–if it ends up too thick, I cut or rip it apart and spread it out a little.


Next is the tomato–I try to buy big tomatoes so a single slice will take up most of the bread. I season mine with salt and pepper, but leave the pepper off of Lee’s, Also, this is the point where you’d add the dried basil if you’re substituting it for the fresh–I usually dump on enough that it totally covers the tomato.



… and enjoy. I highly recommend wrapping a napkin around the back of this sandwich when eating it, as it’s REALLY juicy.

Of course, you can certainly alter it to your taste–if you’re not concerned about keeping it vegetarian, you could add bacon as well and have a … BMT … or something.

By coincidence, another video game reviewer, Mark Bussler of Classic Game Room, makes a sandwich out of fresh basil, soft mozzarella, and pepperoni and calls it The Lord Karnage. We have tried adding pepperoni to the ZMT and it is pretty awesome (if a bit heartburn-inducing–tomato + pepperoni = too much acid, maybe?).

Give it a try!

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