Chicken-Salad-Stuffed Cucumber

Dena December 8, 2012 0

It’s a long story, but the short version is that I’ve decided to try to cut carbs out of my diet as much as I can. For me, someone who loves the simplicity of a sandwich, that meant finding a way around using so much bread, while still trying to make lunches for myself that are simple and portable. While doing a google search for ideas on making lettuce wraps, I came across this idea and had to try it … and ended up loving it.

While this particular recipe isn’t quite something you can throw together in a few minutes, it’s still pretty simple and a great lunch to have on a weekend when you’re hanging out at home.

Anyway, on to the recipe …


What you basically need is the other half of that cucumber we used to make Cucumber Lemon Water (told ya I had a use for it in mind), a spoon, a sharp knife, a vegetable peeler (preferably–otherwise, you could use a knife, I guess), and your favorite Chicken Salad (I always try to keep some already made in the fridge).

Here’s the recipe for mine if you want it. I just threw it together, so the measurements aren’t exact or anything …

  • Big can of chicken
  • 1 hard-boiled egg, diced
  • 1 Tablespoon of Mayo
  • 1 Tablespoon of Plain Yogurt (sour cream would have been better, but yogurt is pretty close, and all I had on hand)
  • small handful or so of shredded mild cheddar cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste

I should point out that it is NOT intended to be low in saturated fat. There are some interesting studies that point to saturated fat being healthy, and I’m currently trying out that lifestyle. I won’t preach about it, especially since I haven’t been at it for very long–feel free to do whatever you think is best for you–I just thought I’d point this out so no one tries to call me out on it.

Like I said, feel free to use your own–also, I’m sure tuna salad would work as well (I’m not a fan, personally).

The first thing you’re gonna do is slice the cucumber in half lengthwise (try to make the halves a little more equal than I did). Also, while you’re at it, cut off the tip (found out the hard way that it tastes nasty), and slice off a little sliver at the opposite side so your cucumber halves will have a flat surface to sit on.

Now scrape the skin off your cucumber with the vegetable peeler, and use the spoon to scrape out the pulpy center (kind of like making a tiny jack-o-lantern). I tried eating the pulp but found I hated the taste–I guess the center is where all the flavor is and it’s a little too intense by itself. I hate to waste food, but eh … nasty pulp is nasty, so in the trash it goes.

Now your hollowed-out cucumber is all ready to be filled …

… like this! Try not to overfill it like I did the first time I tried it–I really piled on the topping and ended up being almost too full to finish it by the end. Then again, you may have more room than I do (I am NOT a big eater–it takes very little food to fill me up), in which case, go for it.

These are delicious, in my opinion. You’ll notice that there’s no celery in my chicken salad recipe–well, you really don’t need it in this dish. The cucumber has very little flavor and, other than acting as a cute little “bowl” adds a lot of crunch, and the effect is much like having a lot of celery in your chicken salad.

As for how to eat it …

… I basically just pick it up in my hand like a hot dog.

This is another one of those ideas where I never could have predicted how good it would turn out.

Give it a try!

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