2013: The Year of Win! (PLUS: Big News!)

Dustimus_Prime December 31, 2012 0



Why hello 2013! How the heck are you? I am fine, thanks for asking. 2013, you are a year of opportunity. A year of change, a year to take charge, a year of physical, emotional and financial responsibility. 2013, you are a year that will undoubtedly change the outcome of many peoples’ lives. Including myself and my family’s.

This will be a year to make the changes needed to better myself; for my own family. I have been saying this for months and even years, that I am finally going to get into shape. I am constantly trying to find ways to hold myself accountable. I buy into memberships, contests, and even looked for feedback from my this very website with my “Bring on the Pain” blog. Even when I was on local news last year, I didn’t lose nearly the amount of weight I was hoping to lose.

I think back to when the last time weight loss worked best for myself and my wife. It was before we had a child. We were able to spend a couple of hours at the gym at our leisure. We did a short circuit workout, weights and cardio 3-4 times a week and in 5-6 months, we had lost 40 pounds each.  I personally got down to 269 pounds total from 322 at my max. I currently sit at 282 and a couple of short weeks ago I was at 275 (Damn you holidays!!!)

Here’s my goal for this year. I can’t hold anyone accountable to for my own success other than myself. I’m the one that needs to make the push. I’m the one that needs to make sure I get to the gym every day. I’m the one who needs to make sure I’m not eating like a vacuum cleaner. It’s that simple. So here’s my game plan 2013, whether you like it not, ol’ Dustin is coming to knock on your front door:

–          Use the MyFitnessPal app regularly: This app is great for tracking calorie input and output.

–          Continue the “Bring on the Pain” blog with regular status, measurement and photo updates.

–          Don’t make excuses for myself. EVER!

–          Motivate myself every day through goals. I love me a good goal. If I accomplish said goal, I feel like a winner. You should too!

Here’s the thing, in short, I have nothing to lose other than weight. I have a beautiful family, a loving wife and a daughter who will outsmart me by the time she’s 10. I need to be on this planet for those people in a position where I know I’ll be able to do so. We already have a long term financial goal that is paying off now it’s time for the health goal.

2013, you are a year of opportunity. Any wall you give me, I will break down and push forward. There is no going back, only forward. On that note, I will move onto the news!


2013 as stated is a year of change and opportunity. Why should that JUST be for me??? I love each and every one of you who follow, help and contribute to try and make peoples’ live better. So Here is am, I will offer you a little motivation to get your butts up off the couch, put the controller, the comic,  turn off Doctor Who and Star Trek (It’ll be ok, I promise.) and do something that will help make your life better.

In 2013, I will be starting a sub-site to 1UpYourLife.com and hopefully we can make this an annual, maybe even semi-annual event. I want to start a contest with you fine folks. If you looking to lose weight, I will offer up a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place price for losing weight. Obviously to make this fair for everyone, we have to do this bases on total weight percentage lost. I will be spending time getting this setup and running. Fingers crossed for by the end of January 2013. I’m even in talks with a 3rd party site to see if we can get a sponsorship from them to help donate to the prize package. Sweetness, right??? I can’t give any full details on that part or when this will start yet as it is not official, but I’m doing my best to make this as awesome for you as I can.

So here we Nerds and Nerdettes let’s kick 2013 off with a bang and make this a year to remember. ALLONS-Y!!!!

-Dustin “Dustimus_Prime” VanCour –

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