Lemon Cucumber Water

Dena November 23, 2012 3


I know, I know. Just try it once. It’s easy.

But seriously, everyone touts the benefits of getting enough water–keeps you hydrated, helps you eat less, keeps you regular, etc. … but getting that full eight glasses can be a pain. This could be a good way to help you reach that goal without adding sugar or artificial sweetener.

I was a little apprehensive about this when I first heard about it. My in-laws had made cucumber water, which I tried, and it was interesting, but it was … lacking something. Then I heard about adding lemons, so I tried it that way myself and lemon was somehow the missing link. There’s just something about that little hint of mellow cucumber flavor with the bit of tartness of the lemons that just makes the water taste really crisp and refreshing. It’s hard to explain.

Now this is not for everyone. My mother-in-law surprisingly liked cucumber water despite not liking cucumbers normally. However, my husband has “affectionately” named it Ass Water.

But it never hurts to try new things once in awhile, plus it’s inexpensive and stupidly easy to do, so I recommend trying it once–like me, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, on to the “recipe” (although it’s really more of a method).

All you really need is a lemon, a smallish cucumber, something to cut them with (and on), and something to put it in. A pitcher with a strainer of some kind would work, but personally, I like the container pictured above. It holds about 1.25 gallons or so, but is only a little thicker than the spigot so it takes up very little room in the fridge.

Cut the lemon and cucumber in half, and put half of each in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge. I’ve got a use for the remaining cucumber, which is probably what I’ll end up posting next. Lemon juice is really good over roasted broccoli (which I’ll probably also be posting at some point XD). Either way, stash ’em and hope they don’t go bad before you get a chance to use them, or else you could make 2+ gallons, but this stuff doesn’t last that long, so I wouldn’t recommend that unless you’re making this for a party or have a lot of people in your house who will drink it (or you just love the stuff that much).

Anyway … yah, slice the half-cucumber and half-lemon into … slices. You’re going to end up with a LOT more cucumber slices than lemon slices, but the lemon has a stronger flavor so it evens out. I also tend to dig out the lemon seeds just so I don’t have to worry about trying to fish them out when I clean the container later.

Slightly off-topic, but man, I love the smell of lemons! Forget the roses, take the time and smell the lemons.

Now dump them into your pitcher or container or whatever, then add at least a gallon of water. I usually end up filling this container most of the way, which is probably around 1.15 gallons, or something like that. I always fill it with water from the fridge, which means I have to use the opening for the spigot and I usually fill it almost up to where that bend below the handle starts.

Other than that, you just stick it in the fridge for a few hours (takes a little while for the flavors to permeate the water) and you’ve got your flavored water.

This will usually last a week … SOMETIMES two weeks, but that’s pushing it. The flavor will become stronger, the longer you have it, so you may want to top it off with more water after a few days if it becomes too sour or stronger than you’d like.

I personally think it looks kind of pretty in a glass pitcher–I think this would be great to serve at some kind of outdoor party in the summer.

There are also a million variations you could try. Just doing a search for the above image, I found a version that includes mint leaves–never tried it, but it sounds interesting. You could probably also omit the cucumber and just use a bunch of citrus fruit instead.

Try it sometime.


  1. craftasaurusrex December 4, 2012 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    We’ve done this as well! I’d forgotten all about it since the weather got colder, but i’m pretty sure we have a lonely little cucumber in our crisper drawer just waiting to go 🙂 thanks for the reminder! yum!

    • Dena December 5, 2012 at 1:28 am - Reply

      It’s a really good summer staple, isn’t it? I had stopped making it for awhile, then the weather inexplicably got stupidly hot around here again recently, so I threw my hands up and went, “Fine, Summer: Part 2 it is!” and started making it again =P

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