Bring on the Pain – Week 3 and 4

Dustimus_Prime November 26, 2012 0

Welcome to a combination of week 3 and 4, week 3 I had a really nasty cold. I made it to the gym on Monday before it really hit me and I was out of commission all through the rest of the week. Week 4 was Thanksgiving weekend. I made it to the gym Mon-Wed, but Thursday was Thanksgiving and Friday I probably could have gone, but didn’t make the effort. The weekends I try to free myself up a little bit. I did some housework but that was about all the exercise I really got.

NOW, down to business. Here are the numbers for this week.

  • Weight – 279 lbs. (-5.4 lbs difference)
  • Neck – 17.75 in. (-.25 in difference)
  • Bicep – 14 in. (-.25 in. difference)
  • Chest – 49 in. (No Change)
  • Waist – 50.5 in. (-.5 in difference)
  • Pant Line – 46 in. (-.5 in. difference)
  • Thigh – 33.5 in. (This was way off from Week 1, so I’m taking this one as fact. not sure what happened.)
  • Calf – 18.5 in. (No Change)

Obviously the changes are going to be gradual. Considering the last couple of weeks had everything against me, I still managed to lose one more pound over Week 2 and make it through the Holiday without over killing it. I’m really hoping to kick it into overdrive this week. We just went grocery shopping and have a fresh set of health foods to choose from. Let’s Do it!

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