Bring on the Pain – Week 2

Dustimus_Prime November 11, 2012 0

Alright, the first week has been tallied. So what are the results you ask? Well first let’s go over what I’ve been doing. I decided to go full out on this deal and started with an early morning workout at the gym THAT very Monday. Even did 1 other time after that. By early, I mean to the gym by 6:30am or so. Surprisingly, this worked out! Yes I wake up tired, but 15 minutes of grog and I’m out the door. Afterwards, I felt like a million dollars and was energized for the rest of the day.

I have been doing my best to track my exercises and watch what I eat using the MyFitnessPal app. Again, this app is awesome. The fact that I can scan barcodes for all the items I eat (if there is one), makes life VERY easy. Also I track my exercise as well and it gives you how you did for the day; that simple.

OK, well here are the results of my first week. Again, we’re just doing weight for now, and measurements and photos every other week here we go!:

280 Lbs.

That is a 4.4 Lbs loss from last week. Yeah baby! I’m freakin’ pumped!!!

Alright, this week will be more of the same, but I need to increase my output. I’ve done the warmup with moderate exercise. Week 2 is always the hardest. anyone who is a fan of The Biggest Loser has seen weight loss come to almost a complete halt as the body tried to catch up with itself. See we’ll see how this week goes. Next week, pictures and measurements!

-Dustin “Dustimus_Prime” VanCour-

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