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Dustimus_Prime October 5, 2012 2

Good day Nerds and Nerdettes!

I am writing today in response to a discussion I was having with a buddy of mine on Facebook. Most of you know the video below by this point. It has gone viral in a matter of a couple of days. In the event you haven’t seen this video, here is it again:

Now here’s a link to Douchey McDoucherton’s (AKA Kenneth Krause) response to Jennifer Livingston’s live television response.

Here is my point of discussion. Jennifer handled herself amazingly and professionally on all counts. But I thought towards the future. My thought was, wouldn’t it be ironic if Jennifer’s was motivated by this whole thing, that it actually ended up helping her lose weight? Her anger toward Douchey is at the point where it could be in “I’ll @!#$ing show him!!!” mode. Here’s my hypothesis:

Jennifer is now on fire, she hits the gym, starts eating right (maybe even unhealthily by not eating enough to start) and immediately sheds 20-30 pounds in a month. She realizes “Holy crap, I can actually do it!” and flips the motivation from Anger, to personal achievement. The ultimate goal for anyone trying to get healthy is to feel good about yourself and look good doing it! She undoubtedly would owe him credit for what she has accomplished.

Now does this mean that what Douchey did was right? Ultimately, no. The way he approached the whole situation is a bit whacked, and was rightfully handed his ass on a silver platter on local TV. And honestly, this is where John Hutton, my Facebook buddy comes in, this could have gone a darker route. This could have depressed her, caused her to eat more, etc. Or even start dieting, but doing it so unhealthily she ends up anorexic and with an even crappier image than where she began.

Mind you, this is all hypothetical, and may never actually happen, but if it did, it would be an amazing twist to an already crazy story. I applaud Jennifer for standing up to Douchey and I wish her success in everything she does, even if this is the match that lights the fire to drop weight. Anger and Irony helping lose weight…what a motivator!!!

What are your guy’s and gals’ thoughts? How would it affect you? Your mental state of mind and the way you start feeling toward weight loss? Would this man’s actions motivate you to do better for yourself? This makes for an interesting discussion so I hope to see some responses.

ONE LAST THING, and I’ll leave it at this…Motivation is simply what drives you to accomplish something. It doesn’t always have to be positive. Keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading and NOW DISCUSS!!!


  1. John October 5, 2012 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    It boils down to this idea: can something positive come from something negative. And yes it can, but here’s something else to ponder.

    What if this guy Douchey McDoucherton was someone who once was very fat and got himself in shape. He got tired of all the fat jokes and slights, he got himself fit, and because his motivations were out of anger and humiliation, he turned self righteous and feels completely justified doing the same thing to others.

    Just like in Inception; major life changes should be made from positive motivations rather than negative because they stick better.

    • Dustimus_Prime October 5, 2012 at 8:23 pm - Reply

      If that were the case, don’t you think Douchey should be a bit more sympathetic to her plight? I mean if he were out of shape before all of this went down, he should know what she’s going through.

      Here’s another twist in the tale that wasn’t tagged on either. He called her a bad role model because of her public connection to her community. I don’t agree with this by any means, but that does beg the question, “If you’re someone who has a public eye watching you all the time, are you morally obligated to set a good example for everyone watching you?” Look at Jennifer Hudson, who now promotes Weight Watchers. She looks amazing. I assume she claims she did it for herself, but do you still think she would have done it if she didn’t have “Celebrity Status?”

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