June is “Healthy Listening Month!!!”

Dustimus_Prime June 1, 2012 0

Ladies and Gentlenerds!!!

In a collaboration with Lost in the Music, a site run by my good buddy Daimo Mac, we will be having Having a “Healthy Listening Month” all June long. In the spirit of 1UpYourLife.com’s Vision and Goal: ““The Goal of 1Up Your Life, is to create a community where nerds, geeks, or anyone who is looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, to come together and express thoughts and ideas on how you can gain more personal XP, Level yourself up, and become a more epic YOU!”,

I have been approached with the idea of music and how it can play a healthy part in our our day to day activities. Using it as motivation during workouts, to battle depression, or to even calm your mind. So, keep your eye out all month long on this site and Lost in the Music’s site as we kick off “Healthy Listening Month”!!!

In the mean time, check out Daimo Mac’s site and friend and follow him on Twitter, he will love you forever. ^_^

-Dustin “Dustimus_Prime” VanCour-

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