Mel’s Kitchen – Cold Soba with Tuna Sashimi

meltheofficegamergirl February 19, 2012 0

Cold Soba with Tuna Sashimi

You will need:

Soba Noodles
Food Coloring (optional)
1 carrot
1 package Enoki Mushrooms
Sushi Grade Tuna
Soba Noodle Broth (instant is fine)
Fish Roe (optional)

Start off by cutting up your carrots.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and add your carrots.

While the carrots are cooking cut your mushrooms.

Add the mushrooms to the pot with the carrots. After the carrots become tender, remove them from the heat.

Strain your carrots and mushrroms and put in a bowl of ice water to chill.

Once they are chilled you can place them on a paper towel to absorb moisture.

Next bring more water to a boil and add your soba noodles.

Here you can add color to your noodles if you wish. Get creative with it!

Next drain your soba like you did with your veggies and place in ice water to chill.

While your noodles are cooling. Cut your tuna into thin strips.

Drain your noodles again and place them in your serving bowls, Followed by the tuna. Here I decided to arrange the fish in a flower pattern but you can do it however you want to.

Place your vegetables on top and pour soba soup over everything to finish the dish.

Now you’re done!
Try this recipe with different toppings and garnishes for a festive summer treat. The coolness of everything is really refreshing!


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