Gamer Grub presents: Sour Gummi Veggies??

craftasaurusrex February 20, 2012 0

Greetings, nerdlings! Welcome to the fourth round of “Gamer Grub”

…The quasi-weekly (or less…) segment here on 1up where I will take some of our favorite
snacks, treats, and guilty pleasures and show you how to make them as healthily and cheaply as possible!

today i am showing you something  amazing…one of those things that when you hear about it, it makes you think “no. way.”

I am going to show you how to make gummi candy out of Zucchini and koolaid.

See what i mean? I call it

WTF candy.

I splurged and bought a $40 dehydrator off of with some of my tax money. this recipe is probably 90% of why I decided to do that 🙂 i have spent the last week drying fruit, and making fruit leather and whatnot. today, i decided i was ready to give this a shot.

1-2 baseball-bat sized zucchini (or 3-4 normal sized ones, as the monstrous variety are more difficult to come across this time of year)

8 cups water (or, 2 quarts, if you are like me and just happen to have canning jars sitting around)

1 1/2 cups sugar

1 packet koolaid

take a big old saucepot and bring your water, sugar, and koolaid to a boil

While that does its thang, go ahead and peel your zucchini and chop them up into chunks…i quartered mine lengthwise, and then chopped them up into about 3/4 inch chunks. just be sure to keep them as uniform as possible.

Once your water is boiling, dump in your zucchini chunks and drop the temperature down to medium

in a while, your zucchini chunks will start looking translucent. go ahead and pull them out and drain them, then arrange them around in your dehydrator trays.

if you don’t have a dehydrator, you should still be able to do this. just set your oven to the lowest possible setting, and arrange these puppies on a tray…keep an eye on them though, as most ovens have a m inimum temperature hotter than a dehydrator.

Now the recipes i looked at all said it took about 18 hours to dry them out, os i wasn’t paying too close of attention to the dehydrator. when i went to do my 8 hour check, they were done. so be sure to check back frequently.  when they are firm but squishy, they are done.

now stick those puppies in a jar, and add some powdered sugar (about 3 tbs) and corn starch (about 1 tbs), and an extra koolaid packet, if you happen to have one, and shake it around. this step isn’t necessary but keeps the little gummi bites from sticking together.

(love the blurry picture of all the powdery bits? i used peach mango flavored koolaid by the way and it was pretty good. next time i’m trying some peach-tea flavor crystal light to cut back on all the unhealthy stuff even more 🙂

Enjoy, knowing that you can satisfy your gummi candy craving while still being healthy, and getting your veggies in!

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