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meltheofficegamergirl January 20, 2012 0


Ah we meet again, generic DDR-esque rhythm game. Dance Factory was released for the PS2 in 2006, but how does it match up to the dance games of today? First off, you can find the game fairly cheap at any used game store or even cheaper online for about $1. Don’t let the low price fool you, this game isn’t THAT terrible. The layout and gameplay is very similar to any Dance Dance Revolution game you have animated backgrounds, the arrows are up, down, left, and right, but there’s one HUGE difference that sets this game apart from the others; This game boasts that you can play any music CD of your choice! You a metal fan and want to rock out on your dance pad? Rock on! How about gettin’ down to some dubstep? Drop the bass ’cause you can do that too! Sounds fun, right? It is, for maybe the first couple of songs. Let me explain. First off, you have to have your music on a solid disk, as in, a CD. Yeah, remember those? With all of the digital options available today, this hasn’t aged as well as I’m sure its creators would have liked it to.

Once your disk is in, the game “reads” the disk and creates an algorithm and spits out some arrows for you to dance to. Unlike DDR, the arrows seem to be at random at best with no definitive pattern with the music. Yes, the arrows go to the beats, but they don’t have the same cohesiveness that give the songs in DDR their certain charm. Also, about half way through whichever song you choose, the arrows will start to lag. Where they were on beat, they will be slightly off as the song progresses, making for somewhat frustrating gameplay. Dance Factory is supposedly compatible with the PS2’s EyeToy but I didn’t play the game with it so I don’t have anything to say about that.

Just like other dancing games, you do have the option of playing easy, medium, or hard, but it doesn’t really matter since, because of the lag, there’s no sense in trying to make sense of the steps unless you just feel like flailing around for a bit to burn calories. Speaking of which, there’s a calorie burning counter built right in the game for you! This is great if you are using this for fitness purposes. If memory serves me right, earlier releases of dance games didn’t have that until about the ps2, so that’s a plus. Overall this game is fun for a quick play (after the long loading screen) of your favorite songs, but gets rage-quit frustrating if you play it for too long because of the crazy lag. Because it is so cheap, it’s definitely worth checking out. Or maybe it’s not, since you can go play Step Mania for free which has no lag, barely any load times, and less generic background graphics.

Dance Factory gets a 4/10.

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