Cheesy Mushroom Ramen

meltheofficegamergirl January 29, 2012 2

Cheesy Mushroom Ramen

You will need:

1 package of instant ramen noodles
1 mushroom
1 egg
your favorite cheese

First bring some water to a boil.

When the water comes to a rolling boil add your noodles.

Be sure to break up the noodles as the get softer to make sure they cook evenly.

Once the noodles are of an edible consistency, crack your egg right into the middle of them. gently stir the egg around with noodles.

You should have something that looks like this. If it starts to bubble over, turn down the heat.

Next add your sliced mushroom and stir into the mix.

When the mushrooms become tender add the flavoring packet or your favorite seasonings.

Add the cheese and gently stir into the mix, making sure that the cheese doesn’t clump up into one spot. Spread it through the soup evenly.

Pour all of it into your serving bowl and top with more cheese. The egg and oil from the cheese creates a deliciously creamy texture.

While instant ramen may not be the most nutritious thing in the world, it does make a great base to add other more nutritious foods to. This meal is simple and will fill you up. Try adding more of your favorite vegetables and/or meats for a hardier meal.


  1. Craftasaurus Rex January 29, 2012 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    yum! eggs and mushrooms in ramen are a must…i like adding half a can of condensed tomato soup to mine…and tons of garlic!

  2. Dena February 1, 2012 at 2:24 am - Reply

    I always add an egg to ramen–I like to beat it a little first, then sort of drizzle it over the boiling water so it doesn’t end up forming huge chunks as it cooks.

    Not sure how healthy the cheese idea is, but it sounds awesome, so I might have to try it anyway.

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