Gamer Grub: Charmander Nuggets

craftasaurusrex October 12, 2011 0

Howdy, kids! Welcome to the second installment of “Gamer Grub”

…The quasi-weekly segment here on 1up where I will take some of our favorite
snacks, treats, and guilty pleasures and show you how to make them as healthily and cheaply as possible!

Today we will be making a delicious replacement for those highly addictive, yet horribly fried “Jalepeno poppers” that so many places seem to carry now.

I call them:

Charmander Nuggets!

To make these, you need:

Pickled Jalapenos (I make my own…you can have so much more control over how spicy or sweet they are this way…)

Low Fat Cream Cheese (I am not normally a fan of low fat dairy products, but this stuff tastes exactly the same, so why not use the better-for-you kind?)

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Turkey Bacon (You can use regular bacon if you prefer, but it makes them super greasy, and would obviously change the nutritional information)

First of all, you will need to turn your oven on to “Broil”

Next, Lay out all your Jalapeno Halves on a lightly greased baking dish. (if you are using regular bacon, you don’t need to grease your dish) If your peppers still have seeds and membranes in them, scrape them out. The more you leave in, the spicier they are, and the less cheese room you have!

Grab a bowl and dump in your cheeses, mixing them up well.

Take a fork (easier to use than a spoon for some reason) and stuff a good helping of cheese into each pepper.

Now, grab a pair of kitchen-scissors (I keep 2 pairs in there…just in case!) and cut your bacon in half. You will be able to wrap 2 Nuggets with each piece of bacon once they are cut.

Take a bite, and wrap it with a bacon-half, securing it with a toothpick. This is only necessary if you are using turkey bacon…regular bacon is pliable enough to stay on its own.

Soon you will have a happy tray of Charmander Nuggets, ready to be baked!

Don’t they look so happy under the warm glow of the broiler?

Let them sit in there and work up a healthy tan for 10-15 minutes (start checking regularly after 10 minutes or so so that they don’t burn!), Et Voila! Charmander Nuggets!

These are so simple to make, once you get the hang of it, and there is always leftover cheese after one batch…which is good, because after the grueling wait for these to cool off, you just want to eat them all and make up some more!


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