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Dustimus_Prime September 9, 2011 0


Hey everyone! Welcome to my first review! Today in technology I will be reviewing the LoseIt app for iPhone. The lose it App is a great simple multifunction app that allows you to track you calorie intake and output via your iPhone. So let’s take a look shall we? I’ll divide this into 4 Categories:

USER FRIENDLY – Does it play well with others?

FEATURES – Does it have plenty of options?

FUNCTIONALITY – Does it do what it’s supposed to do?

AFFORDABILTY – Is it worth the extra scratch?


The LoseIt app is very simple to use. You simply register with a username and e-mail address. From there you tell it your Starting Weight, Gender, Height and Birthday. You then tell it your goal on how much you want to lose per week from ½ a pound up to 2 pounds. From there it will calculate your daily calorie intake based on all the criteria you gave it. Stay under that budget and eat healthy then you should potentially lose weight! Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

2)      FEATURES

The app has plenty of easy to use features, plus a few extras. in the category of calculating calories, there’s plenty of cool options. You sort your meals out by breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. From there you can straight search foods like bread, apples, pizza, etc. or you can search by brand name foods which is divided into 2 more categories, “Supermarket Foods,” where you can search your favorites by brand names like Kraft, Kellogg’s, Weight Watchers, etc., and “Restaurant Foods,” where you can search by your favorite chains like McDonald’s, Blimpie, Subway, etc.  Once you choose the foods you like, it adds them toward your budget for the day.

The exercise category is great too, but I have found it to be a bit tricky in some categories because is measures all your exercises in time instead of quantity. For example, I can’t tell it I did 20 push-ups, which generally only takes a minute or so. The lowest measurement of time that you get is 5 minutes, so unless you have 100 push-ups in you, it makes it a little difficult to measure some the workouts accurately.  It also gives you some odd ones that normally wouldn’t think, like normal everyday things you can track like mowing the lawn, vaccuming, and….sexual activity. *Bow-chicka-wow-wow!* In the event you can’t find an exercise on the list, CREATE ONE!!!

For you achievement fanatics out there it also tracks your achievements with badges that you earn along the way. However, the badges can only be tracked through the apps website, which we’ll get into in the functionality. Also you can add friends and track your progress against your friends and family. All you need is the e-mail address they signed up with.


The app is extremely easy to use. Where it might lack in food and exercise options, it gives you the options to create food and exercises that may not be listed and save them for future use. Also, not only can you track your progress on the app, but you can also track you progress on the LoseIt.com website, where you can see all your progress laid completely out in front of you, including all of the badges you have earned along the way. The app seems to update itself about once every 3-4 weeks and will regularly add new food type and food location options. The only real downfall I can possibly think of is that it can sometimes take awhile to fish for the food you want listed. If you had a 3 piece meal, it could take you a bit. You can say Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, and Ice Tea, but you also have to remember what you have added to those like Olive Oil, Salt, Sugar, Sour Cream or Butter. So don’t sell yourself short!


Uhhh, it’s FREE!!!! The app and website are free to use, but there are a few extra you can actually purchase from their website to make life easier for you such as a WiFi Body scale that will link directly to your account and a Fitbit, which is a small device that clips to you and tracks all your activity, including your sleep!

All in all this is a great beginner app and can be a great asset to your personal goals for becoming healthier. And if you really like the app, it’s expandable with equipment and can mold itself to your needs. I hope this app helps you in your first stride to weight loss. For more information, go to http://www.loseit.com/

-Dustin VanCour-

AKA – Dustimus_Prime



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